Where To Buy Stationery In Tokyo

Where To Buy Stationery In Tokyo

I’m telling you, you better start saving money NOW for your future stationery shopping spree in Japan. 😂💸 It’s crazy here!

Have you been to any of these stores?! How was your wallet / credit card bill after? Don’t worry, I won’t judge. We are in the same boat, lol!

Summary of stationery stores:

☑️ LoFT Shibuya @loft_bungu
☑️ Tobichi Tokyo @hobonichi_no_tobichi
☑️ Itoya Ginza @itoya_official
☑️ Traveler’s Factory Nakameguro @travelers_factory
☑️ Traveler’s Factory Station (Tokyo Sta.)
☑️ Paper message Kichijoji @papermessage
☑️ Kuusoogai Stationery Store @kuusoogai
☑️ Ancora Ginza @ancora_shop_ginza
. . . and MORE! 😉

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