Where To Buy Gachapon In Tokyo

Where To Buy Gachapon In Tokyo

📢 Here are my FAVORITE gachapon spots in Tokyo! ✨

📍 Harajuku
#C-pla - along Takeshita Dori
* GachaGacha no Mori Harajuku Alta 

📍 Asakusa
* Gashapon Yokocho (ガシャポン横丁)
* Gashapon Department Store Asakusa Hanayashiki

📍 Ueno
* Ueno Land ecute Ueno

📍 Ikebukuro
* Gashapon Department Store Ikebukuro Main Store (Sunshine City)
* GachaGacha no Mori Ikebukuro (Sunshine City)

📍 Odaiba
#C-pla Aqua City Odaiba

📍 Akihabara
* Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Akiba Square (outside & 6F)
* Inside JR Akihabara Station

⭐️ Not in photos:
* Yodobashi Camera Shinjuku
* Gacha stores in Akihabara / Nakano Broadway

Full list on Google Maps: https://bit.ly/gachapontokyo

Helpful Akihabara gacha guide: https://akihabara-japan.com/matome-akibagacha

Thank you to @taropitt for this content suggestion!

Note: You can find gacha almost everywhere (outside convenience stores, malls, train stations, etc.~)!

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