Things To Do In Toyama | Autumn In Japan

Things To Do In Toyama | Autumn In Japan

Did you know that gassho-style houses can be found *not only* in Gifu? Located in Toyama Prefecture, GOKAYAMA’s beautiful Ainokura & Suganama villages offer a quieter and more peaceful ambience compared to the livelier Shirakawa-go. Both places are worth visiting as they both offer different kinds of experience. When in Chubu, you definitely must visit Toyama!

💡  A gassho-style house is built with wooden beams combined to form a unique & steep thatched roof.

Date of trip: November 2021


1) Explore Gokayama & take lots of photos from the photo spot.

2) Learn more about the history of Gokayama & local culture at Ainokura folklore museum.

3) Send a postcard from Doraemon Post at Takaoka, Fujko F. Fujio’s hometown!

* Note: Prepare your own postcard with a postal stamp beforehand.

* Location: Takaoka Station

4) Have a delicious lunch / course meal at Marusho.

* Web:

5) Try a tin casting workshop at Nousaku

* Heart-shaped small plate (3,000 JPY)

* Web:

6) Buy yummy & cute souvenirs at Shin-Takaoka Station while waiting for the Hokuriku Shinkansen going to Toyama City.

7) Fresh seafood dinner with a gorgeous view at Japanese Cuisine Tawaraya

* Web:

8) Stay & rest at Toyama Excel Hotel Tokyu.

9) Ride the Toyama Chiho Railway to Iwasehama.

10) Visit the Iwasehama beach & get some vitamin sea.

Comment below if you want to go to Toyama in the future! Have you been to any of these places / Toyama prefecture before? If so, what’s your favorite memory of the place/s?

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