Things To Do In Shizuoka City

Things To Do In Shizuoka City

Here are some FUN THINGS TO DO in Shizuoka City! ✨

☑️ Buy gotochi (local) die-cut postcards
📍Shizuoka Central Post Office 📮

☑️ If traveling from Tokyo, do try the N700s Shinkansen (bullet train) ekiben while on transit! 🍱

☑️ Spot the creative Shizuoka city manhole cover designs 💙📸

☑️ Did you know that Shizuoka City is the global capital of plastic models (home to toy model makers Bandai & Tamiya)? I recommend looking for these cool puramonuments around the city!
📍Postbox ver. - near the city hall
📍Telephone ver. - inside JR Shizuoka
📍Blue ver. - in front of JR Shizuoka

☑️ Visit Toro Park (free) - interesting archeological site 👍🏼 🌳

☑️ Collect stamps (train + tourist info center) 💮

☑️ Visit the FREE Mt. Fuji observation deck 👀 (bonus: there’s a stamp available too!)

☑️ Stay at @hotel_gardensquare_shizuoka 🛏💤

☑️ Buy souvenir goods at the station 💸

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