Things To Do In Ishikawa | Japan Autumn Guide

Things To Do In Ishikawa | Japan Autumn Guide

It’s been a while, Kanazawa! It was my second time visiting and it definitely felt like my first time as it was impossible to cover many places in a day. It’s the kind of place where you want to take your time. TBH, I need a week in Ishikawa prefecture, hehe! Whenever I think of Kanazawa, I’m just reminded of anything gold or fancy (and the adorable Hyakumansan daruma with its signature mustache, lolol)~

ANYWAY! Here are my recommendations~

Date of trip: November 2021


1) Get a Kanazawa loop bus ticket & enjoy sightseeing while riding the local bus.

Price: 600 JPY

2) Have lunch at Ichinokura & go around Omicho market (Kanazawa’s biggest fresh food market since Edo period). I found a cute Kanazawa special gachapon area here too so keep your eyes open when you’re here!

3) Visit Ishiura Shrine, the oldest shrine in Kanazawa. It’s a 2-min walk from the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art.

4) Explore Kenroku-en Garden (one of the most beautiful landscape gardens in Japan)

5) Visit Kanazawa Castle & marvel at the beauty of Gyokusen-inmaru Garden (previously a private garden)

6) Stroll around Higashi Chaya District & try the gold leaf ice cream at Hakuichi 

7) Visit Natadera Temple & get a special goshuin.

* Goshuin = stamps handwritten by monks that you can get from shrines or temples

8) Get an eki (train) stamp from JR Awazu Station.

9) Have Oden for dinner at Yamasan

* Location: Kanazawa Hyakubangai (Kanazawa station)

10) Stay at Hotel Wing International Premium

Extra tip: Upon arriving at JR Kanazawa Station, go to the Tourist information center and apply for a hands-free travel. They will send your luggage to your hotel in the area so you can freely roam around after.

Comment below if you want to go to Kanazawa / Ishikawa in the future! Have you been to any of these places / Ishikawa prefecture before? If so, what’s your favorite memory of the place/s?

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