Things To Do In Gifu | Japan Autumn Guide

Things To Do In Gifu | Japan Autumn Guide

AHHHH It’s good to be back, Gifu! So excited to reunite with Sarubobo (“monkey baby” lol). Besides the popular UNESCO World Heritage site Shirakawa-go, there are other places to visit in Gifu! Read my recommendations below.

Date of trip: November 2021


1) Walk around Kawaramachi & support local craftsmen. Gifu Uchiwa (fans) & Wagasa (Japanese umbrellas) are popular local handicrafts.

2) Visit Udatsu Wall Historical District in Mino City (うだつの上がる街並み).

3) Stay at Japanese ryokan Honjin Hiranoya & enjoy Kaiseki dinner.

4) Enjoy the beautiful morning view from the ryokan room. 10/10 recommend waking up early for sunrise with a view!

5) Get mesmerized by the beautiful scenery & gassho-style houses at Shirakawa-go.

6) Collect cute train / area stamps while traveling!


Comment below if you want to go to Gifu  in the future! Have you been to any of these places / Gifu prefecture before? If so, what’s your favorite memory of the place/s?


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