Things To Do In Fukui | Autumn In Japan

Things To Do In Fukui | Autumn In Japan

Love Dinosaurs? Get a train / shinkansen ticket to Fukui prefecture because this place will AMAZE you to the core! If you’re playing Animal Crossing New Horizons like me, you will understand my feeling lol! I have to admit, I wasn’t a super big fan of dinosaurs before going but when I got there, it felt like I was a wide-eyed elementary student on a school trip. In addition to that, the autumn scenery, temples, and sea view of Fukui were also spectacular. I am normally scared of climbing cliffs by the sea but the view just drew me in. Fukui is definitely underrated and you MUST visit it when you have a chance.

Date of trip: November 2021

Top things to do in Fukui Prefecture:

1) Check out the JR Fukui Station front! The coolest train station front ever!

2) Ride the Echizen Railway.

* Unique point: They also have a female staff on board who can assist you!

3) Enjoy the moving train views while on transit.

4) Try the local Echizen oroshi soba (a local specialty). 

5) Travel to Tojinbo for a spectacular view of the sea from the cliffs.

6) Get a special train stamp from Awara-Yunomachi station.

7) Stay at Awara Onsen Mimatsu Tomari & try the onsen.

* More info here:

8) Experience forest bathing (shinrin-yoku) at Heisenji Temple

9) Visit the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum

* Did you know that there is a “Fukuisaurus'' dinosaur? The remains were discovered in Katsuyama, Fukui (1989).

Comment below if you want to go to Fukui in the future! Have you been to any of these places / Fukui prefecture before? If so, what’s your favorite memory of the place/s?

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