Saitama Travel Guide | Unique Day Trip From Tokyo Ideas (PART 1)

Saitama Travel Guide | Unique Day Trip From Tokyo Ideas (PART 1)

Saitama, it’s your time to shine, lol! Here are some of my TOP recommended activities / spots in Saitama prefecture (just North of Tokyo)! If you’re looking for unique “day trip from Tokyo” ideas, you should definitely visit our prefecture. 

TOP Things to do in Saitama:

Recommended Saitama travel activities:

☑️ KAWAGOE area: explore Koedo (“Little Edo” town), eat cute desserts & street food, collect the Saitama Coke bottle, rent a Yukawa / Kimono (@yuzuya_kawagoe)

☑️ Spend a day at a Showa style retro onsen, Tamagawa onsen!

☑️ Visit the Railway Museum in Omiya. Buy train merch too!

☑️ Spend a day at Seibuen Yuenchi / Amusement Park (they have many photo spots!)

☑️ Visit Hanno for the Tove Jansson Akebono Children’s Forest & Moomin Valley Park

☑️ Ride the Steam Locomotive Paleo Express from Kumagaya to Chichibu for the incredible scenic views

☑️ Join the FREE Glicopia East (Pocky) factory tour and take home tour goodies!

☑️ Dine at the Sylvanian Families Restaurant (AEON Lake Town Koshigaya)

☑️ Meet Crayon Shin-chan in his hometown (Kasukabe)

☑️ See the rice paddy art at Kodai Hasu no Sato in Gyoda (Note: The paddy art is not available during the entire year. My photos were taken last July 2021. It’s best to visit during Japan summertime.)

. . . and MORE! Part 2 coming soon~


P.S. Before going, please always check the official websites if online / prior reservation is required.

What do you think? TRY or PASS? 🤔 Let me know below! ⬇️

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