Osaka Travel Guide (For The First-Timer)

Osaka Travel Guide (For The First-Timer)

Japan is reopening soon, and if you are traveling to Osaka for the first time, here are my recommendations for the adventurous stationery-loving first-time traveler! 

Things to do in Osaka, Japan:

Summary of recommended Osaka activities:

☑️ Visit Namba Yasaka Shrine (free)
☑️ Visit @katsuoji.temple (temple for victor’s luck)
☑️ Take a photo with Glico Man (Dotonbori)
☑️ Eat Takoyaki (📍Takoyaki Wanaka Namba branch)
☑️ Meet No Face & shop at Donguri Kyowakoku (Ghibli Store) - 6F Parco Shinsaibashi
☑️ Try Fueki ice cream - 9F Parco Shinsaibashi
☑️ Go on a photo walk at night in Shinsekai
☑️ Try the fun retro arcade / old-school games in Shinsekai
☑️ Spend an entire day at @universal_studios_japan
☑️ Stay at Liber Hotel at Universal Studios Japan @liber_hotel

What do you think? VISIT or PASS? 🤔 Let me know below! ⬇️

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