Rainbowholic Travels 🚂 🗺 🧳 🇯🇵🍦

Rainbowholic Travels 🚂 🗺 🧳 🇯🇵🍦

Hello, hello!

Welcome to my newest ✨ travel blog✨!

I've been thinking about relaunching my own travel blog for so long. I feel like my Japan travel posts on Instagram just don't give enough justice to the places I've visited these past few months.

I'm also not sure how long I would be able to continue this as I have so many interests in life, lol! For now, I'd like to just get this out there and see how this project will unfold in the future. Exciting times!

Not gonna lie but this feels like a "full circle" moment in my life because I started my content creation journey with a personal blog (the.rainbowholic.me) a decade ago, way before social media happened & started to take over our lives. I wanted to continue creating content so I had no choice but to adapt to modern times and focused my energy on YouTube & Instagram. You can probably tell that it's been quite a ride!

This time, I'm launching the Rainbowholic Travels blog with an online shop in mind. It's funny because we are already running 3 online shops (this, this, & this) at the moment & I'm here.. launching a new one with a twist, lol!

Anyway, enough of my gibberish! I sincerely hope that this blog will be useful for you in the future. If you like visiting interesting places, taking cute IG pics, & trying new experiences, then bookmark this blog now! ❤️ 

Thanks so much for reading!



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