Kyoto Travel Guide | Kawaii, Matcha, & Unique Experiences

Kyoto Travel Guide | Kawaii, Matcha, & Unique Experiences

Planning to visit Kyoto when Japan reopens? Here are my TOP recommendations for those who love kawaii shopping, matcha, stationery, & UNIQUE experiences! 

Things to do in Kyoto, Japan:

Summary of recommended Kyoto activities:

☑️ Visit Kyoto Gion Post Office and get a special postcard set. I recommend sending a postcard to yourself!

☑️ Take home beautiful Maiko / Geisha art postcards. I bought mine from a 7-Eleven branch near Heian Shrine.

☑️ Dine at Arashiyama Rilakkuma Tea House & shop at their souvenir store

☑️ Ride the Randen tram for scenic local views

☑️ Take photos at the Kimono Forest (Arashiyama)

☑️ Visit Okazaki Shrine (a.k.a. Rabbit Shrine) and buy a cute bunny Omikuji (fortune slip)

☑️ Shop for cute souvenirs (Arashiyama area has a lot of good selections)

☑️ Rent a beautiful Kimono from Kyoto Kimono Rental Wargo

☑️ Visit the most colorful temple in Kyoto: Yasaka Koshino Temple (just near Kiyomizu-dera Temple)

☑️ Enjoy the view with a matcha latte or parfait from Yojiya Cafe

☑️ Try the delicious Uji matcha desserts by Itoh Kyuemon (Uji, Kyoto)

☑️ Spot the unique Uji tea jar mailbox in front of JR Uji Station

☑️ Buy cute Kyoto theme stationery & collect train stamps

☑️ Shop at Miffy Sakura Kitchen in Arashiyama

☑️ Visit Traveler’s Factory Kyoto for stationery (I recommend the limited TN Kyoto!)

☑️ Explore the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove & enjoy the relaxing walk

☑️ Try the Maiko & Oiran makeover photoshoot plans by Maiko-henshin & Studio Kokoro

What do you think? VISIT or PASS? 🤔 Let me know below! ⬇️

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